Liam Dodd is a Geneva based Physics researcher working for the GBAR collaboration at CERN, in their attempt to test the equivalence principle by measuring the gravitational acceleration of anti-hydrogen.

Liam previously worked at CEA in Paris for the GBAR experiment, and completed his Masters at Swansea University on the topic of Regge Trajectories.

Outside of his work in academics Liam works on various side projects within media and public engagement. Previously writing with the team at FGUK to provide feature articles and reviews focused on the latest releases and news within the video game world. Knowledgable about films, television, British and American politics, as well as science, Liam has a wide range of interests and knowledge bases to provide a unique insight in his writing.

Liam has also worked in various outreach groups. A former team leader at Reaching Wider, which involved running and teaching STEM workshops to children from the age of 5 to 16. Liam was also involved in the British Debating Circuit as an experienced judge and debater, achieving numerous breaks, adjudicating competitions, and winning the Welsh National Mace in 2013. He lead instruction and teaching at Swansea from 2011 to 2015. 

Liam is available for opinion pieces, debating instruction, as well as public speaking engagements He has previously spoken on a wide range of topics including science, debating, University life, intersectional feminism, media, humanism, and the internet. 

Liam currently splits his time between Switzerland, and Austria.

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